About Our Company

Commit Solutions (CS) is a 100% locally owned and managed company. CS dedicated and certified team of experience staff have many years of experience in the industry.

The key strength of Cs is to totally provide commitment to our clients in meeting their objectives.

CS is committed to bring and represent innovative, sustainable, leading edge, global solutions to the community. We are also committed to provide skill resources to plan, design, deliver, train and post-support. We have kept faith with our clients all these years in providing a level of comfort through our commitment.

We will continue to adapt to the changing world, demand, trends and tools to bring the best to our clients.

Our experiences cover on premise, off premise and SAAS implementation. Our consultants can provide the necessary recommendations based on our clients profile and requirements.

All our solutions have been carefully chosen for their strength, dept and flexibility. We are always on the lookout for solutions that can bring value to you.

Our Value Propositions

Unified Solutions

We work with the best companies in the world to bring the best of breed technologies and innovations to give a unified seamless view to our customers.

We work to meet a diverse set of client’s requirements across key industry verticals – private companies, government and multinational global organizations.

We look beyond just delivering technology; we look at a total package of project management, technology, optimal delivery, training, consultation and support.

No Rip and Replace

We tend to look at complementing rather than competing approach. Investments already made will be leveraged as much as possible to reduce cost, resources and time to bring the projects online.

Our integration skills allow us to bring information and data from multiple systems that are out there.

Should total replacement is necessary our phase approach methodology will be applied based on minimal business disruption.

Process that work together

Processes involve technologies, people and policies. Assessing and understanding is key to ensure that there is seamless integration between people, technology within the policies boundaries. Many systems have never been fully utilized properly because considerations have not been taken to account for the differences in various environments and differing policies.

We take the step to acknowledge that “not one size fits all” and will consult with all the stakeholders on the best approach backed by our experience and their input on policies and processes.

Maximize ROI

Recognizing that ROI is a key factor in many decision making, our innovative features rich solutions provide ROI in many areas. Some of the solutions provide immediate ROI in monetary terms while others may be in time, resources and extensibility.

Our software asset licensing, compliance solution will assist our clients to ensure intelligent usage of invested software’s and provide clear policies and positions for future purchases. Having a clear view of current software asset status will contribute to immense savings immediately and in the future.

ITSM will also provide a single view to your entire current infrastructure with automated workflow to accelerate the relevant issues to the right group thereby resulting in faster turnaround. We have solutions that are predictive, to provide recommendations prior to any issues. The value of these is priceless.